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The events group organises an annual programme of talks and visits to public and private parks, gardens and other designed landscapes in the county (and occasionally to neighbouring counties).

If you have any suggestions for visits or talks we'd really like to hear from you. For more information email:  events@lancsgt.org.uk

Rivington Terraced Gardens

Tuesday 17th October


In November 2014 the BBC programme Countryfile filmed in Rivington, which it numbered amongst its Top 10 Secret Gardens.
Thomas H worked with Lord Leverhulme from 1905 on the creation of these adventurous, vertiginous gardens which cover 50 acres (18ha). They worked together for 20 years, until the owner’s death in 1925.
Now there will be restoration work, especially to the stone buildings and to the lakes, made possible by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund; this will start soon. In the meantime, a growing band of volunteers meet regularly and clear away the decades of vegetation, uncovering stone paths and steps, digging silt from ponds and cutting back brambles. 
It is no exaggeration to describe the site as one enormous rock garden. Every feature, lakes, paths, lawns, staircases, summerhouses, lookout tower, have been hewn out of the hillside; some of the buildings have been fashioned out of this stone, but 4 different kinds of stone can be found. It is the magnum opus of the celebrated firm James Pulham, rockbuilders to royalty, the aristocracy, Smithills valley garden, Preston parks and Ashton Gardens, St.Anne’s
We shall have a guided walk, starting at the northern end which was the earliest part to be made, the Italian garden. Friends of Rivington Terraced Gardens will accompany us and outline the discoveries being made now, and the improvements to be made soon.

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Future events planned 

Tuesday 17th October- Rivington with the Friends Group

Thursday 9th November- Jacobs Join at Salmesbury and a lecture, probably on the Gardens of Rome.

Email your photos of events to web@lancsgt.org.uk  

Photos from the 10th Anniversary celebrations at Gresgarth Hall

Photos from the Leyland war Memorial visit


Thursday 6th June 2013
Launch of Historic Designed Landscape Report
©Gill Crook

HDL Launch - awaiting the first speaker
©Gill Crook

HDL Launch - Lunch is served 
©Gill Crook

HDL Launch - Tour of Lytham Hall gardens
©Gill Crook

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For more information email:  events@lancsgt.org.uk

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